Great design is thoughtful, organic, it incites emotion and it comes in all shapes and sizes. It is not bound by style or period.

The mission of eleven 11 DESIGN is simple: to create a space that speaks to you, reflects you, inspires you and functions for you. eleven 11 DESIGN will meet your needs and match your style—no matter if that style is best represented by a mid-century Eames, French slipper or overstuffed slumber-inducing lounger. Self-expression is key, and we will work with you to create a room that best expresses you, from floor to ceiling and from doorknob to light switch.

eleven 11 DESIGN handles all types of projects from the decoration of an entire home, the design of a new home, remodel or addition, to designing a single room such as a nursery or bedroom. Or, if you just need a room revision, we can stage and re-furnish using existing décor. Need organizational services? We can help with a full closet redesign or retooling of your workspace. Just let us know the scope of your project and we can develop and execute a design plan you'll love.

Tracy Martin Taylor is the founder of eleven 11 DESIGN. She is a Dallas native with a passion for design and decorating. She is inspired by fashion (Diane von Furstenberg, Halston, Missoni…) and timeless music and film (everyone has their own list), and feels it’s so important to keep personal items in designs. Take for example, her grandmother's Italian perpetual calendar - her fascination with it at a young age translated to an appreciation of a clean lines and functional beauty later. It is symbol of her love of family, design and those rare items that shape a person. Tracy has said, “Assuming my 10 year-old daughter and our dog is safe, if the house was burning, I’d grab that calendar and run.”